Lift Directors play an important role in overseeing, planning, and executing load handling activities on the job site. Construction users in power generation, oil and gas, mining, heavy haul and transport, and other environments where critical lifts are a common occurrence are increasingly requestingLift Director | Tech Testing qualified Lift Directors. In addition, several OSHA and ASME standards list responsibilities for lift directors. For these reasons, Technology Testing Inc., announces a new certification for Lift Directors.

“The Lift Director Certification is distinctive from Tech Testings other programs in that lift directors are traditionally management or supervisory level personnel.  Many of these individuals may also have broader safety and health responsibilities, additionally making them a candidate for ISHM’s certifications,” said Michael Herget, Executive Director of Technology Testing Inc. Phoenix, AZ.

“Employers seeking Lift Director Certification for their employees will find that this credential provides a distinct business advantage when those employees also possess value-added soft skills such leadership, negotiation, time management, risk mitigation, communication, and process planning,”

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