Annual Inspection Training

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    • Knowledge of the standards and regulations applicable to crane inspection, including, but not limited to ASME B30 and OSHA
    • Knowledge of responsible parties involved in or pertaining to the pre-inspection
    • Know what to communicate to the site supervisor/personnel on needs/requirements for inspection


    • Know if given documentation is correct
      • Application
      • Maintenance
      • Engineering
    • Knowledge of which inspection records are required
    • Know how to verify whether proper repairs have been performed with acceptable documentation
      • Repairs
      • Modifications/alterations


    • Ability to identify the following conditions
      • Weld
      • Corrosion
      • Need for non-destructive testing
    • Knowledge in proper operation of
      • Safety devices
      • Operational aids
    • General knowledge of wire rope
      • Construction and specifications
      • Reeving
      • Rejection criteria
      • Termination hardware
    • Ability to recognize existing or potential problems
    • Know how to identify modifications and alterations
    • General knowledge of the manufacturers’ requirements
      • Inspections
      • Maintenance
      • Service requirements
      • Limitations
    • Ability to understand the requirements for component guarding
    • General knowledge of inspection criteria for
      • Hooks
      • Load blocks
      • Sheaves
      • Rigging
    • General knowledge of upper and lower operating station (cab) inspection requirements
    • General knowledge of the following for specific job site situations
      • Assist equipment (e.g., aerial work platform)
      • Tools
      • Personal protective equipment (PPE)


    • Know and understand that the inspection/test procedure(s) did not cause damage per regulations and manufacturer’s requirements
    • Know how to document/communicate the deficiencies and recommendations on the final report
    • Knowledge of responsible parties involved in or pertaining to the post-inspection

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